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Montebello CA 90640 United States
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Epsilon Electronics Inc

March 18, 2015
Just launched new lighting and DJ gear, check us out at epsilon electronics

Epsilon Electronics manufactures Innovative Sound And Lighting Products

March 17, 2015
Epsilon Electronics' highest aim is to create products that will be the envy of the professional sound and lighting products industry. It is a company that has ambition in terms of climbing the ladder of success in this small but important industry. Epsilon Electronics aims to be the brand of choice for every DJ, band, music venue, concert hall, church, restaurant, and nightclub in the United States.

Epsilon Electronics manufactures high quality, affordable, innovative, professional sound and lighting products. Their clients remain loyal because they see the quality of the products that they have created in the past. Epsilon Electronics has thrived by creating the best products and having the ambition to always want to improve those products.

Epsilon Electronics has been involved in the professional sound products industry for more than three decades. Those thirty-two years of history in the industry have prepared the company for success. However, it is a more recent entrant into the professional lighting industry. Epsilon Electronics has made an immediate impact, with customers vouching for the quality of the products.

Epsilon Electronics Inc Is Active In The Professional Lighting And Sound Industry For More Than Three Decades

November 25, 2014
When people are looking for high quality professional lighting or sound equipment, they are really looking for products made by Epsilon Electronics, though they may not know it. This is a company that has gone to great lengths to manufacture high quality, professional lighting and sound equipment that is sold by a number of dealers. The company has housed all of its facilities at one location, under one roof, in Montebello, California. This is where the innovation and creation happens and it is where Epsilon Electronics is based. The company is already a major player in the industry, but they have an ambition to become a dominant force in the industry. When a club or music venue is thinking of buying new speakers, Epsilon Electronics wants them to think of their name first.